I am not a summer person

Today, being a Sunday, I went to training. I was pretty excited, because earlier this week it was announced that instead of having 2h of drills and 1h of scrim, we were going to split the time evenly from now on. Our league has grown so much over the past year, especially since we now have enough boys to have male scrim as well, that 1 hour simply wasn’t enough times for people to get more than a handful of jams each (I know I skated in only 3 or 4 last time). While it does cut into our Advanced Training time, scrim teaches us tactics, strategy and rules, as well as letting us put drills into practice.

Unfortunately, today was also 38*C for the entirely of training and scrim (over 100*F) and I don’t handle the heat well. I did the on-skates warm-up, then sat out on the first drill because I felt a bit off. Did the second drill (a variant on a weaving pace line, using whips and circling each skater), and I had to sit out again. It took me 45 minutes to cool down to a point where I no longer felt dizzy, by which point training was almost over and I knew I jumped back in it would just happen all over again anyway. I briefly considered scrimming (since the longest you’re on the track is usually 2 minutes at a time), but the heat has also been playing havoc with my fibromyalgia so I geared down and took the chance to NSO again. I was pretty sad to miss out on so much skate time as well as scrim, but I have also missed NSOing the last month since I qualified to actually scrim myself, so I tried to just enjoy it while I could.

We’re supposed to cool down midweek so hopefully Tuesday training will be more successful for me, although temperatures are forecast to rise again in time for next weekend :/


Sunday week 7

No skates this week 😦 I did Tough Mudder on Saturday in Sydney, which is a 20km obstacle course. I unfortunately did not finish the course, I landed badly coming off an obstacle at the 5km mark and twisted my knee. I struggled on to about the 9km mark before the rest of my team convinced me that I should stop. I stayed in Sydney for the night to catch up with friends, and thanks to high winds on the trip home I was late to training (not that I could have skated anyway, between my knee and I wouldn’t have been safe on skates since I was also exhausted from the event and travelling and not sleeping well).

Anyhow, I went along to training anyway so I could bask in Fang’s wisdom 🙂 I arrived in time to watch everyone play a few jams of sock derby (freaking hilarious), and there was some practicing of walls and also doing the partner-push on skates. It was super weird not joining in drills, my feet were so itchy to get on skates! But I did get to chat a bit to Rebecca (the girl who broke her ankle during the very first boot camp session but decided that derby is so awesome she still wants to join up).