Sunday week 8

I pussied out on laps again, but joined in on side and walking lunges for warm-up. Once on skates I continued warming up by practicing stops and one-foot glides while waiting for everyone else to finish gearing up.

We started the night with the 5-in-1. I’m still short, this time was ‘4 and 7/8ths’ according to my counter. Which means I haven’t improved since last time, but on the other hand I’m still in a knee brace and the floor was super slippery today so overall I’m pretty happy. My endurance is improving every time and I’ll get it soon I’m sure.

Next up were wall and jammer drills. We learnt how to trap a goat (a wall of 4 waterfalling in around a jammer or opposing blocker and forcing/ hitting them off the track), and how to push and be pushed as a jammer or a part of the wall.

We played Queen of the Rink again, woohoo! I got to watch it last weekend but joining is is an entirely different matter! The point of the game is to be the last skater standing, all legal contact is allowed. I lasted well into the second half of the game, but then I was gettig tired and so I overbalanced and took myself out when I laid a big hit on Oblivia.

The night was finished with a game of Stuck in the Mud. My knee wouldn’t let me free anyone (as you have to crawl through their legs, too much bending!), but at least I was only tagged the once. I just used it as an opportunity to work on my endurance and evasion skills.

Tonight I recieved from Oblivia for our mutually assured destruction in Queen of the Rink, and also from Darth Evader for giving him enough hockey tape at the start of the night to hold his pants up haha.


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