A Good Day to Skate Hard: VDL vs S2D2, 26 October 2013

Hip hip hooray it’s bout day! In the 2 weeks leading up to the bout, I somehow went from offering to help sell raffle tickets/ merch/ whatever to actually coordinating all the volunteers and helping with the day-of event stuff, despite having never been involved with the back end of a bout before (but I have done volunteer coordination previously which is why I agreed to do it). I spent several evenings working out a roster, only to have half the people on it cancel or show up late so that was a bit useless, but oh well. I arrived at the venue at 3pm and was soon joined by Demolicious (Event Coord), Raven Mayhem (Sec and ref) and Miss MeOww. Tyrannosaurus Ref (head ref) eventually showed up with the track kit, we hunted down the venue manager to unlock the storerooms and put out the bleachers and we were underway!

Some of my awesome Vollie crew started showing up around 3:30-4, so I immediately out them to work selling tickets out the front of the venue, setting up the merch stand and putting up signs for suicide and disabled seating areas.  Suddenly the visiting team was here, doors were opening and the roller soccer started. I was particularly nervous/ excited because my mother and sister were visiting me for the weekend, so I bought them tickets for their first ever roller derby bout, and of course I wanted them to fall in love with derby the same way I had.

Once the bout got going everything came together. I even got to sit down with my family and watch a couple of jams! My husband interpreted for my mum and sister while I was scurrying around, and best of all I got to watch the final 3 minute of the game, where Varsity’s DisHonour Rollers and South Side Derby Dolls’ The Force were only a point apart and it looked like the DHRs would take the title, only for S2D2 to get a power jam in the final seconds and win the night with 152 to 145 to the DHRs.

To top the night off, I had made a poster with ‘Team Zebra always wins!’ that I had propped up near my family during the bout, which the refs liked so much they had come over during half-time and asked to have their photo taken with it later. When they found out after the bout that I had made the sign, well, I got to be in the photo too! I won’t post it here because it’s not my property, but you can check out all sorts of fantastic pictures from the night at David Mackie Photography

And the next bout it only a month away, but now that we have a successful event under our belt, Demo and I should be an unstopabble team for ‘Time and Relative Dimensions in Skate’!


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