Once around and back again

VDL new recruits at the Carillon 19Oct2013

VDL new recruits at the Carillon 19Oct2013

On Saturday we met up for another Bridge-to-Bridge skate. This time I organised it- after missing the previous Sunday I wanted to get some extra skating time in, and I also thought that genetle, low-impact exercise was the best thing to help my knee heal. I out a shout-out on Facebook and soon enough I had offers of company from (lr-) Joebotron, Thuggernaut, Space Cadet, Sap’er and Jamme Slamister. We met up at 10am and were soon underway!

It was a beautiful clear day, warm without being hot, and there was some sort of bicycle event on by the lake as well so it was busy without being too congested. We didn’t get particularly fast as we wanted to stay together as a group and also all the other foot traffic, but we managed the 5.2km loop in about 45 minutes, including the hills and the road crossing. Once we got back to the carpark we just kept talking and chatting and after about 10 minutes went- hey, none of us are in a hurry to get home, lets do it again! Jamme had to head off for family commitments, but the 5 of us went for another lap which we completed in about 35 minutes this time since people were now more comfortable with the terrain and being outdoors. I was pleased how well my knee handled it, although I did have to plead for a 5 minute break in the final 3rd of the 2nd lap as the joint was starting to ache.  We had a couple of interesting stacks from Joe and Slap’er coming down one of the inclines, but other than a bit of grazing they were fine.


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