Friday bootcamp week 8

It’s the final countdown bootcamp! The last 2 months have just flown by, and it’s been amazing to watch the progression of some of the girls who had literally never skated before in their lives who are now zooming around the track and doing knee falls and crossovers like pros.

Thanks to my twisted knee I skipped running laps, since running hurts at the best of times anyway! The rest of warm up consisted of a group plank counting to 100 (everyone planking in a circle- I did it on my knees- and counting off a number one by one. There was some hilarity as some people counted fast, some counted reeeeallllyyy sloooowwwllllyyyyyy and some were concentrating so hard on planking they forgot it was their turn). Then we turned around and did 15 group sit-ups- arms across the shoulders of the person next to you and everyone down and up! Our timing got more and more out as we went on so it looked more like a mexican wave haha.

Skates time! As a safety precaution I had a knee brace on my back leg, which is a heavy duty beauty made of thick neoprene with an inch-wide steel bone on either side of the knee. The bone is hinged in the middle, and the entire thing does up with several layers of velcro. I immediately fell off chair trying to stand up in skates (I hadn’t compensated for the brace and so my foot was not centered under my weight as I stood. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt). I did some laps and as always I practiced crossovers while warming up. The extra layer of neoprene on my left knee made it harder to clear my kneepads as I crossed. I found that I couldn’t go too fast and it felt like I had less power than usual in my stride, but my knee felt OK albeit a little tender.

First drill was stopping on the whistle. I did fine with the plow and T stops (although it look me a little longer to stop than usual), but next up was single and double knee falls. I tried one single knee fall on each side, but it seriously hurt and I then had trouble getting up off the ground thanks to the knee brace, so I sat out for that and the knee taps.

Next was truck and trailer. First we pushed in pairs, then pulled in groups of 4. I had less speed than usual, but the actual drill caused me no issues other than making my lower back ache from having to hold derby stance for so long (which normally happens anyway, but this time I had a lower tolerance than usual thanks to the knee).

Then we did some hitting practice. The drill was for shoulder and hip checks, first standing on skates and then rolling. I sat out for this one as knew it would be just my luck to fall/ get knocked down and make my knee worse. Plus it took me twice as long to get up again which didn’t seem like a good idea when it was so crowded on the track. But once Fang and B-Rad got out the football pads I had a go at hitting them (yay!).

The rep team finished practice and we took over the full track. First up we tried the 10-in-2 (how many laps you can do in 2 minutes). I got 9 despite my knee so I was pretty happy. My crossovers weren’t great thanks to my knee and I didn’t have any ‘push’, but it’s a start.

We finished off the night with a mini roller disco. Fang plugged in the boom box and turned up some tunes, and we tried to do the Nutbush in skates (I wasn’t up to dancing on toestops so I did it Fast Feet- very untidy!). The others set up some jumps, I did some one-foot-gliding and had a little sit-down to rest my knee in the middle. We also had yet another injury- Blacklight Bettie took a stack and has unfortunately been diagnosed with a broken elbow 😦

Then it was Final Freshie Lurby.  Tonight consisted of lots of ‘so glad I signed up /met you people/ etc’, there was all the love for the awesome new friends we’ve made.


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