Sunday week 7

No skates this week 😦 I did Tough Mudder on Saturday in Sydney, which is a 20km obstacle course. I unfortunately did not finish the course, I landed badly coming off an obstacle at the 5km mark and twisted my knee. I struggled on to about the 9km mark before the rest of my team convinced me that I should stop. I stayed in Sydney for the night to catch up with friends, and thanks to high winds on the trip home I was late to training (not that I could have skated anyway, between my knee and I wouldn’t have been safe on skates since I was also exhausted from the event and travelling and not sleeping well).

Anyhow, I went along to training anyway so I could bask in Fang’s wisdom πŸ™‚ I arrived in time to watch everyone play a few jams of sock derby (freaking hilarious), and there was some practicing of walls and also doing the partner-push on skates. It was super weird not joining in drills, my feet were so itchy to get on skates! But I did get to chat a bit to Rebecca (the girl who broke her ankle during the very first boot camp session but decided that derby is so awesome she still wants to join up).


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