Friday bootcamp week 7

No week six 😦  I missed Friday night bootcamp (went to Brisbane for a friends 40th), and Sunday training was cancelled as most of the league was up in Gosford for the second day of ERRD- the Easter Regionals of Roller Derby. Our rep team the Dishonour Rollers didn’t progress to the finals, but apparently it was a great weekend of derby and our very own Red Hot Jillie Pepper was chosen to play on the temporary rep team the ERRaDicators at a later date. 

Anyhow, bootcamp week 7! I arrived halfway though laps, just in time for squats and push-ups to warm up.

I skated some warm-up laps as people geared up. My crossovers are mostly smooth and consistent now, hooray! Now that it’s spring in Canberra there is this white fluff everywhere, it floats around, and when it piles up in the grass and gutters it looks kind of like snow. But tonight the gym was pull of it and it turns out it’s bloody slippery on skates!

First up was truck and trailer. I paired up with Jamme and we finished the assigned number of laps fairly quickly, so we just kept going until the next drill was called. Mistake! The next drill was groups of 5, and this time instead of just pushing/ pulling, it was the person in the middle so you were pushing 2 and pulling 2 at the same time! Somehow this was actually harder than just pushing/ pulling the same number of people. It also had added complications of foot positioning as you now had to worry about not clipping the person in front and the person behind, not just one or the other.

Next up was transitions and tomahawk stops. I can do these at low speed and I’m much stronger at doing them on my right than my left. Like everything, I need more practice. And to get more comfortable with my toestops. 

Once the track was free we tried some weaving. The cones were slightly less than 10 feet apart and went from the jam line to turn 2 (ie along the straightaway and around the first apex). I slalomed through the first time without any issue, so I tried it on one foot (I made it halfway round the apex, but had to tap my second foot down as I passed the 3rd-last cone as I ran out of steam which made it harder to balance). Then we each grabbed a cone, did a few laps to stretch out, and everyone dropped their cone where they stopped on the whistle. Everyone lined up at the end, paired up and took turns to push their partner around the cones truck and trailer style. Except the person being pushed had to have their eyes closed! It was very strange, but I went with Mad Cow (Moo) who is an excellent skater and I could totally trust her to take me around the track without peeking. 

This was followed by more truck and trailer in groups of 5 or 6, around the cones again with the front person pulling, and then with eyes closed. It was much harder as a group, there were some really sharp turns which, thanks to inertia became much less precise as more people went through them. There were also a few instances of someone clipping the cone which caused it to move into the line of skaters, tripping up the people behind because we had our eyes closed and therefore were unable to avoid it. 

We had a game of Angels and Arseholes to finish. It was fun, but at one point in the wall someone in front tripped and brought down a whole bunch of us. I got kicked in the shin, which tripped me up, and then as Joe came down he landed on his back on top of my skate :\ He sat out the rest of the game, it welted up beautifully but thankfully there was no serious damage or even much bruising (phew! I felt horrible about it!). But Joe gave me lurby for branding him with his first derby injury ❤ 


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