Sunday week 5

We had a late start today thanks to the quarterly general meeting running overtime.  The meeting was interesting and it’s nice to feel more involved with the league, but I was sad that it meant less skating time.

Warm-up consisted of laps, the partner push, a new variation which was the partner pull (person in front tries to walk/ pull across the gym, person behind holds onto their hips and acts as dead weight), push-ups, and then planks. I managed to plank for 45 seconds on my knees tonight, hooray! Finally passing my 30sec plateau.

To round out the warm-up and start teaching us more about rules and strategy, we played sock derby (but in shoes this time). We weren’t playing full-length jams. so penalties were for 10 push-ups then rejoining the pack from behind. I got a penalty in the first 10 seconds of my jam as a blocker, not entirely sure what for but I think it was for direction of play (stopping on the track/ not moving forward, with skates you keep rolling and socks slide, but in shoes you have to remember to keep moving your feet forward even when pushing backwards engaging opposing blockers).

Once in skates, we did some warm-up laps then tried the 5-in-1 again. I was soooo close, this time just 1m short of crossing the 5 when the whistle blew! Very frustrating, but at least I’m improving (albeit slowly, and there is only so much wiggle room for laps in a minute anyway).

Next up we worked on crossovers. I’m getting there, but I still lose my balance when I’m tired or going too fast, which means dropping/ stomping feet, which then makes me more likely to fall. But I got some good ones, and was gliding the straights and crossing over on corners (reverse of usual) to ensure I maintained a controllable speed, especially with so many people on the track.

After 10 minutes of crossovers we did some laps anti-derby to shake it out, it felt quite bizzare!

We did some walking on toe-stops to start, then moved to toestop/ duck-feet running again for speed. Oww my arches (still!). I feel so ungainly when running on toestops. I can walk on them, but running just feel awkward, like I’m going to topple at any moment. Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a sprinter in the first place. Duck feet is much more comfortable for me, which I guess actually means I need to practice toestops more instead,

And the night was over! A few more anti-derby laps for warm-down, and it was time to go home.


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